2017/7/2 [911404-001] Nike Sock Dart SE in Murrieta

Product category:Nike Sock Dart SE
Shoes colorway:black
Sale price:78.00
Was Earth destroyed before the 13th Tribe set out for Nike Sock Dart SE 4000 years ago? Possibly; would make sense why everyone was on Kobol and ONLY Kobol (in a Universe with no aliens, why, 4000 years ago, was all of humanity on one planet? Could Nike Sock Dart SE be because they had been on another planet earlier that they destroyed, and 911404-001’snew leaders, the Lords of Kobol, kept a tight rein on them for unknown reasons?) Or was Earth destroyed after the 13th Tribe arrived, either in a battle with other (original) inhabitants or some sort of pseudo-Cylon event like what happened to the colonies (here’s a place for our McGuffin)?

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